Our story

Lotte cafeteria is a part of Lotte World, which is made up of  Lotteland, Lotte movies, Lotte theatre-shows and books. Lotte theme park is located near Pärnu in Tahkuranna but Lotte cafeteria is a cosy place in Tallinn Mustamäe. Here you can eat delicious meals cooked by Lotte’s mother Anna, play in a spacious play area, be an inventor in Oskar’s  workshop, watch Lotte animated films and celebrate your birthday.

Our menu

Lotte’s mother, Anna, is the best cook in Gadgetville.Anna’s tasty pancakes are even used in the Gadgetville School when performing calculations.Now, Anna has decided to open a café.The café was named after Anna’s daughter, Lotte, the most wonderful dog-girl in Gadgetville.Lotte began helping her mother, and together they put together a tasty menu. 

Children's menu


Children's desserts